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By Regina Faison

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Client Centered

This booklet is written from the heart out of my own experience of dealing with personal finances amid the unexpected in life. My husband and I were preparing the financial life plan and asset protection for our family when he suddenly died. I was left on my own to pick up the pieces of shattered dreams in raising our sons together and to finish preparing for a secure financial future. I give glory to God that I survived and was able to raise my boys without moving, but it was not easy. I know firsthand about the “dark side” and the difficulties born out of not having a plan in place. I had to learn to be focused, disciplined and remain faithfully obedient to God’s word. I have often heard people say, “It will never happen to me.” But, never say never. The unexpected can happen to anyone at any time. So out of this experience, I talk to my clients and friends about the importance of planning and the basics about having a plan. It is my hope that this booklet will explain and prepare the reader to have a plan for financial security in the face of the unexpected. 

Women and Investing

Women face unique challenges when it comes to achieving financial freedom and solvency. This whitepaper explores the investing pitfalls women—and all investors—should avoid when taking control of their financial futures.